Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hummus and Avocado Pita

Maybe this isn't the most innovative recipe, I mean avocado, hummus, pita, some veggies, but sometimes it's the simplest things that are so delicious.  This is without a doubt one of my favorite sandwiches. 

 Most important, get a good hummus. Whatever your favorite one is but a creamy one works best, not so thick it's like a paste. I love The Perfect Pita hummus (sold at Whole Foods). It's local to the DC area. If you're elsewhere check out local Mediterranean or Middle Eastern restaurants or eateries that might sell their hummus. You'll get the best quality and most authentic. 

A match made in heaven - hummus and avocado.

Hummus and Avocado Pita Recipe


1 pita pocket


Carefully slice your pita in half so you have to half circles.  Some pita are stuck together so to open the pocket, take each half and very carefully and slowly pry and peel open.  You can also use a knife.  Next put them in the toaster for a minute or two.  Don't let them burn or get too crisp.  Take them out and let the steam out of the pocket and let them rest a minute.  

Now, thinly slice your tomato, onion, cucumber (however much you want to use).  Slice or lightly mash some avocado (I use about half an avocado).  I like to sprinkly some sea salt on the sliced veggies but that's up to you.

Take some hummus and slather all inside both pita halves.  Don't skimp on the hummus.  Now layer your toppings in there and go to town.  It's messy deliciousness at it's best.

Mmmmmm...this is delicous.  Messy but oh so delicious.

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