Friday, May 21, 2010

Vegetarian Crispy Tacos


This super easy recipe makes 3 of the tastiest vegetarian tacos thanks to the Morningstar Spicy Black Bean burger which is a great substitute for meat in mexican recipes. I've also swapped cabbage for lettuce because it has more nutrients.

3 tacos - 280 calories, 5.5g fat, 9g fiber, 13g protein, 5 WW points

1 Morningstar spicy black bean burger*

3 Mission extra thin yellow corn tortillas

1 Tbsp - Ortega taco sauce

2 Tbsp - Trader Joe's salsa verde

1 cup - Trader Joe's shredded green cabbage (you can also use a coleslaw mix)

Microwave the burger for about 1 minute or until heated. Mash it up with a fork and mix in the taco sauce. Spoon equal parts of the mixture on half of each of the tortillas. Keeping them laying flat, carefully fold the other side over. Do not press them tightly as you want to have room to stuff them. Lay them directly on the toaster over rack and toast a few minutes until lightly crisped. Top each with salsa verde and cabbage.

* If you can't find the black bean burger then you can substitute the Morningstar garden veggie patty and add another Tbsp of taco sauce for additional "taco" flavor.

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