Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tortilla Chips

Guiltless Gourmet - The best baked tortilla chip!!! Waaaay better than the cardboard-like Baked Tostitos. These are made with organic corn, no preservatives and are so delicious I never miss the "unbaked" tortilla chips.

For 18 chips 120 calories, 3g fat, 2g fiber, 2 points

So far I've tried...
Blue Corn - The best for salsa and dips
Yellow Corn - Runner up
Mucho Nacho - Just like Doritos
Chipotle - Like a spicy barbeque tortilla chip
Spicy Black Bean - Pretty tasty

They sell them at Whole Foods or use the store locator

If you can't find them I would say the next best thing is Tostitos NATURAL Yellow Corn. They're slightly higher in calories and fat but they only contain 3 ingredients (same as Guiltless Gourmet). When it comes to ingredients on packaged foods, less is always more.

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