Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yoga Month and Yoga on a budget

I just found out that September happens to be Yoga Month. There are festivals in several cities but some took place already. Luckily, the Los Angeles Festival happens to be this weekend in West LA! FREE Admission but you have to pay for the workshops.

Yoga on a budget:

1. Yoga Works (LA & NY) has specials for new students FREE Introductory Class and also $30 for 2 weeks unlimited classes. Many studios offer specials like this to entice prospective clients so I recommend checking several studios in your area for deals, then make the rounds.

2. Search yoga groups in your area. You may find informal groups that get together to do yoga on a regular basis and it could be free.

3. DVD's and podcasts. I'll admit this isn't the same as taking a class. I see the dvd's as a nice supplement to the occasional class and you can do it on your own time.

4. Fit TV - If you don't want to buy a dvd I would check out this channel from Discovery. I just recently discovered it and dvr'd a yoga routine. They may even have this stuff on OnDemand as well.

5. Yoga Journal's Sequence Builder to build your own routine.

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