Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Alternative Bagel - 110 calories

I'm hooked Western Bagel's Alternative Bagel! I make sandwiches with these almost everyday. I use the onion bagel because it adds a little extra flavor. These are a good size, taste great, and have fiber and protein so they fill you up for little calories. 110cal, .5g fat, 8g fiber, 7g protein, 1.5 points

In LA I have seen these in Whole Foods and Ralphs or use the store locator. You can also order these online. Just make sure to get the ALTERNATIVE bagel because Western Bagel makes other larger bagels that are higher in calories.

They also have an Alternative Pita and English Muffin.

PS - I was a little upset to find that these bagels aren't "all natural" -- they have Sucralose in them but at least it's the very last ingredient.

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